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“OMG!! I passed!!! 449!!! Literally everything on the test was covered on Smarter MA, your questions felt identical to the real test, and I absolutely LOVED your simple video explanations to the questions. THANK YOU SMARTER MA!”

– Tiffany Golson, Smarter MA student

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Chemika Green

First Attempt Pass

I don’t where I would be if it wasn’t for Smarter MA! I would recommend Smarter MA to anyone who wants to pass their AMT RMA medical assistant exam.

Their website is very thorough with the number of questions and practice exams and they give you very detailed explanations from start to finish.

I used Smarter MA for two months to study and I passed my RMA exam on the first attempt which was so thrilling!

Smarter MA is definitely the best place for any medical assistant to prepare for their certification exams. Thank you Smarter MA!

Marie Rosado

First Attempt Pass

If it weren’t for Smarter MA, I don’t believe I ever would have passed the RMA on my first attempt!

My college educated me incredibly when it came to being a Medical Assistant. However, I do not feel like I had any relevant information or enough practice when it came to the actual exam and material itself.

Smarter MA has so many questions, resources, and practice exams to make you successful and help make sure you pass. Even when you get a question wrong, Smarter MA gives you detailed explanations and visuals to help you understand and make sure you remember and get it right next time.

My favorite part about Smarter MA is that it is easily accessible as well, even on the go. On my commute to and from school I would always sign into Smarter MA on my mobile browser and study whenever, and wherever I could.

You won’t regret preparing with Smarter MA!”

Noe Morales

First Attempt Pass

“I highly recommend Smarter MA to anyone preparing for a medical assistant certification test! I couldn’t have done it without you!

When I decided to take my test, it was very overwhelming. I had no idea where to start. But as soon as I found Smarter MA and I started using it, I immediately knew this product would save me. It’s high-yield, they have everything you need in one place, and they break down everything so simply it actually makes it fun and easy to learn!

I only used Smarter MA to prepare and I passed my test! Big thanks to the Smarter MA team and especially Katie! Whatever questions or concerns you have, Katie is there to help!”

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