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Smarter MA is the #1 resource to pass the NHA CCMA

2,000+ test representative practice questions that cover everything you need to know for your exam

Detailed text and video explanations that make hard stuff easy to understand

Pass Predictor Exams that simulate the exact look, feel, timing, and content of the real NHA CCMA and predict how likely you are to pass 

Everything you need to prepare for your medical assistant certification test, nothing you don’t.

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Five stars.
“OMG!! I passed!!! 449!!! Literally everything on the test was covered on Smarter MA, your questions felt identical to the real test, and I absolutely LOVED your simple video explanations to the questions. THANK YOU SMARTER MA!”

– Tiffany Golson, NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

Designed To Help You Pass the NHA CCMA the First Time, Guaranteed

Lauren Scheibel

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

“I passed with a score of 441! This wouldn’t have been possible if not for Smarter MA!

I embarked on my CCMA journey later in life, and hadn’t studied anything in years. I was quite nervous about sitting for the NHA CCMA exam.

Thankfully, Smarter MA was recommended by many people who passed the exam before me.

The questions are well-written and easy to understand, and I love that the correct and incorrect answers include explanations.  What good is knowing the right answer if you don’t understand why it’s right?  I also found it helpful that we could choose a flag to mark each question.  I was able to go back and re-take the questions that I answered incorrectly, until I felt confident that I understood the material.

I’m positive that were it not for Smarter MA, I would not have passed the exam.  I’ll be forever grateful for this amazingly effective study tool!”

Kaitlin Tucker

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

Smarter MA truly is the reason why I passed my exam on the first try! 

Their material was incredibly representative of the actual questions I saw on my test – I even had many actual test questions that were word-for-word repeats from Smarter MA. 

I loved how after answering a question, it breaks down for you each answer choice – both the correct answer as well as why the incorrect answers are wrong.

Smarter MA also provides short, compressed summary videos, that were very informative.  

On the day of my exam, I realized that I recognized everything thanks to Smarter MA and because of Smarter MA I felt confident during my exam.

I truly recommend this tool if you want to pass, it is 100% worth it.

Thank you, Smarter MA creators!” 

Nicole Conti

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

“Finally took my CCMA exam and passed with a 454 thanks to Smarter MA!!!

I was searching everywhere for quality study guides for medical assistants, and I could not find anything until I found Smarter MA. It is such a great study tool for your CCMA exam.

The question banks and practice tests covered everything I needed for my test, it was so great having everything in one place and having tons of practice. The explanations for all the questions are fabulous and really helpful because they are broken down into ways to be understood easily, and have graphics and videos!

I also like the fact that you can group questions into three levels of understanding and you can practice the ones you are not confident with more!!

Smarter MA is definitely worth paying for because with it, you will pass your exam!

The Most Powerful NHA CCMA Resource Available


Learn From 2,000+ High-Yield Practice Questions

Practice with the most realistic and representative questions available. All the high-yield questions you need to know, in one place.

Learn from our detailed explanations that focus on making hard stuff easy to understand.

Example of Smarter MA practice question explanation high-yield questions.

Dynasty Hooker

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

“5 stars! Smarter MA is the perfect resource to use to pass your test.

The school that I went to didn’t prepare me to take the NHA test. I was so relieved to find such a great study aid.

There’s no point in studying material that is wrong. I’ve found all of the answers to be correct unlike like other study websites.

Not only do you get questions & answers but the rationals are phenomenal. There are very in depth explanations going over each answer choice. So essentially, each question has a mini lesson.

I have ADHD so I have a hard time focusing on material that I find badly formatted & half of the answers are wrong. This format uses bright colors, pictures, simplistic , easy to understand material. I also like that you can separate the questions by tag colors.

The site creators are very supportive as well. Thank you Smarter MA for helping me pass!”

Jonathan Breeden

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

A few weeks ago I decided to take the NHA CCMA. When looking at study resources including Quizlets and random PDFs, it seemed very disjointed and all over the place, not to mention some of it was just plain wrong.

I’m relieved I then found Smarter MA! I liked that everything I needed to study was in one place and that it was focused on multiple-choice questions. I learn best by testing myself, so this massive amount of test-style questions was perfect for me.

One of the best features I found was the ability to tag and bookmark and easily go back to the questions I missed or go back to questions I marked down as unfamiliar to me.

I ended up passing the CCMA with a 439/500 and I know Smarter MA played a big part in that!

Noe Morales

NHA CCMA First Attempt Pass

“I highly recommend Smarter MA to anyone preparing for a medical assistant certification test! I couldn’t have done it without you!

When I decided to take the CCMA test, it was very overwhelming. I had no idea where to start. But as soon as I found SmarterMA and I started using it, I immediately knew this product would save me. It’s high-yield, they have everything you need in one place, and they break down everything so simply it actually makes it fun and easy to learn!

I only used Smarter MA to prepare and I passed my test! Big thanks to the Smarter MA team and especially Katie! Whatever questions or concerns you have, Katie is there to help!”

Smarter MA is your secret weapon
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